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Simisolu Soyombo

Founder/Chief Curator

Our Story

Our founder and Chief Curator, Simisolu Soyombo is a lawyer with keen interest in providing practical and actionable solutions. One of her hobbies include selecting gift items for friends, family and herself.

In 2018, she realized the immense joy people around her relished in from untying packages or unboxing gifts; the delight and satisfaction they got can be shared across a wider audience, hence, filling the world with more happy moments, one individual at a gift!

This informed her choice to create SABLLÉ LUXURY. She decided to share this profound discovery she was passionate about with the world and so began curating even more beautiful gift items that can make a lasting impression as well as bring warmth to people’s hearts and lives.

However, SABLLÉ LUXURY did not happen overnight. The high-class luxury brand we have built is the result of many nights kept awake with a million dreams and strategic planning. A lot of hard work, dedication, enthusiastic-resilience and amazingly spirited teamwork are inputted behind the scenes with a huge leap of faith.

"At SABLLÉ LUXURY, we provide the finest and most exquisite deluxe gift items at affordable pricing. Careful sourcing of gift selections and intentional grand packaging for all corporate outfits has informed our choice in offering bespoke packages amongst our valued services".

What We Do


Our Mission

To remain committed in providing high-quality luxury gifts, intentionally
curated for corporate sectors and everyone.

Our Vision

To offer a carefully selected range of gift items that deliver heartfelt messages and generate customer satisfaction while creating an incredible shopping experience in the hearts of our customers.

Our Purpose

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Ensuring customer’s satisfaction

Superseding customer’s expectation

Personalized shopping experience

Affordable luxury gift packages

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